Zone 6 Venue in Soweto

Zone 6 venue might be the biggest night spot in South Africa but the experience in attending an event the might be worth a while. This is the only club that will accommodate any individual whether it be with food, safe packing or even with hubbly-bubbly suppliers. It is located in one of the biggest urban locations in the world Soweto Zone.

zone 6 venue stage
zone 6 venue

And why would one choose to go party in Zone 6 venue, a venue that can hold more than 5 000 with its impressive sound equipment shipped in all the way from spain, it makes it impossible one not to enjoy the music especially with every major alcohol brand that has also hosted an event then it is hard to resist a full club experience.

With over 100 employees at this venue and 7 service bars, Zone 6 Venue does tell a story that the place its not just massive but has an amazing side view with a pool, top floor used mostly for VIP guest and its general ground floor.

If you meet any artist or dj that claims to be famous or huge in South Africa ask them if they have performed at this venue if not then that artist may be pulling your leg.