Best Dj Headphones in South Africa

This list is made by saltyfm djs based on headphones they come across when they are on stage with other dj’s

5. Phillips SHL3565

Mostly used by deep house djs who normally don’t rely on gigs to get paid but mainly spend on this brand for the love of music. true quality indeed but the price on this headphones is quite steep.


4. Sony Sound Monitoring

True quality music can be tested on this headphones and with our experience this headphones are probably the best in listening to music because in a live dj set this headphones can’t really take the high volume to well. Buy | Amazon


JBL is one of the trusted and most loved brand when it comes to speakers and therefore having this entry level headphones is a true symbol by djs.


2 Skullcandi

Cool cats dj’s who want to look stylish while playing and on a tight budget mostly go for this good pair of headphones. Skullcandi is a trusted brand that can last you for years but the sound quality of this headphones can be as average like any other headphones.


1. numark hf125

Its not the best in the market but it is the most affordable headphones that sounds good. Any dj with this headset tells you that they have been around in the industry as this type of headphones gets its job done and doesn’t break easily.

numark headphones