Deep Tech

Inno-tee on the Deep Tech House Music mix, started to mix on vinyl 2006/7, studied at Soul Candi Institute of Music to study DJing, graduating and same year held residency at Cappello Gandhi Square and Kospotong Gandhi and played all over SA with likes of Louie Vega, DJ Fresh, Blackcoffee, Vinny day Vinci, Christos, DJ Kent and more. versatile DJ specialise in lounge, nujazz, deep tech, soulful House. currently running Funk Klub Concepts and Media Company. 

deep tech

1– Naked souls
2- Helly Larson- feel it in your soul (O.M)
3- Heavenchord- Radiant dub (O. M)
4- Amonita- Azure (O.M)
5- Pierre Johnson & Chris J – Kaizen (OM)
6- Individualist – wawane (Tahir Jones Rmx)
7- Kvrvbo- train to Tokyo
8- Pierre Johnson- Moving (OM)
9- Moullinex- Don’t you see ( Crackazat Rmx)
10- Tahir Jones – Blessed (Deeper rmx)
11- Ed Maddams- Come over (
* Rmx)
12- Techtonic Tay & Ed-ward – Ubuthakathi