ten83 dj

Deep House

Problem child also go by the name of Ten 83 on the deep house music mix on saltyfm, he has produced among side the best deep house tunes and played along side the likes of Da Capo, Sculptured music, Black Coffee and many more . His performance is called the NO HEADPHONE DJ CHALLENGE

deep house mix

1- kamanda ft inathi – Andik’funi
2- Problem Child Ten83 feat Black D – Rock again
3- Problem Child Ten83 Feat. Chymamusique – Soul Search
4- Problem Child Ten83 – The Bounce
5- xxxxx
6- andhim – Donner 7- Sobek – Jewel Of The Nile
8- Karyendasoul – Waka
9- Lemon & Herb Feat. Toshi – Zulumke